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At Forerunner’s Academy Music School, we are committed to creative learning, growth, development, and fun. We offer diverse classes on topics ranging from musical instruments such as piano, violin, and guitar, to general musicianship, music theory training, etc. Led by a group of Silicon Valley education pioneers, we are piloting the use of advanced technology to improve the traditional classroom experience. We are dedicated to boosting our community life and culture, and preparing talented forerunners for the next generation.

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True stories from F.A. students


Yuelan, 10 years old

"My 10-years-old daughter takes private piano lessons at Forerunner's Academy  . Their music material is systematic and they are very experienced in teaching young kids. Yuelan progresses steadily and gains a lot of confidence from the learning experience. I feel Yuelan receive a lot more individual attention and cares , which she might not have in YAMAHA or other franchise commercial music school."

 Sophie, 11 years old

Forerunner's Academy  has been really helping my daughter shape her musical technique . She's always working on pieces that she truly enjoys. The thing I like about F.A. teacher is they doesn't make you feel bad about your mistakes but try different way to help. The teacher helps my daugher figure out what the pieces mean to her in a way that focuses on the music."