Jessica Cao, Vocal Instructor

Jessica graduated from South China Normal University, majoring in vocal art and education. She has 20+ years experience in teaching music and performed in Europe and US. She is currently a member of Silicon Valley Chorus Alliance. She instructed many choir groups winning numerous first prize. Many students got admitted to prestigious music institutions.  Jessica developed  a set of vocal training methods which helps students of all levels understand, cultivate their professional vocal techniques with very fun and mind-blowing learning experience.  

Liana Li, Piano Instructor

Liana started piano learning at 4-year-old. She was admitted to the Moscow music school Chopin Conservatory of Music at 10 and studied under the piano master Kira Alexandrovna Shashkina.  Liana won the Best New Pianist award during Moscow Khachaturian centuries birthday piano competition. The 15-year-old Liana officially admitted to Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Music and was instructed by Schmitt Alexei Mikhailovich, Yury Ayrapetyan and other master pianists . Liana completed her 4 year courses within only 18 months. Liana received the highest score and won the Academy of Music award in Russian national piano competition . Liana moved to New York in 2007 and worked for the Accompanist Association for 7 years and performed in Lincoln Performance Center, Carnegie Hall and the New York Opera House. Liana's teaching style is gentle and professional, she's looking forward to helping more Bay Area children to explore the beautiful music world.

April Dai, Violin Instructor

April started violin at 3 years old, she received the violin excellency certificate at highest level when she was 10 years old. She was instructed by concertmaster from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and Shanghai Symphony Orchestra. April performed as first violinist  in  Australia, Austria, Vienna. United States, HK and Taiwan and won the 26th Australian International Music Festival Gold Award, the 35th Vienna International Music Festival Gold Award. April has more than 14 years of violin teaching experience. Her students are top winners of many youth violin competitions. April's class is fun, creative and inspiring, she is passionate to demonstrate to joy on strings.

Jim Leadbetter,Drum Instructor

Jim has been playing drums for 25 years. He has toured, recorded, and have done session work in numerous bands and acts since 1998. He played well over 600 shows and counting, from the Bay Area all the way up through the Pacific Northwest, down on into L.A. and Nevada. 

Jim has been teaching drums and percussion privately in his home studio for 10 years and his students age ranges from little 4-year-old boy to 34-year-old working professional.  Jim always believes in making drumming/ music super fun while still providing proper technique, posture, form, etc.

At Forerunner's Academy, Jim’s lesson will cover all the popular styles of music including but not limited to the following:

Rock, funk, punk, groove, reggae, hip hop, jazz, blues, etc.

“It has given me so much in my  life ",  Jim is looking forward to teaching music and sharing to the world all his passion and treasure rendered by music. 

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