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Vocal Lessons

Forerunner's Academy vocal lessons are designed to be  "jargon" free for singing beginners. Students will learn from professional vocalist about basic vocal skills from breathing, fitness, pitch (ear training), to posture and vocal exercises. Student will also obtain more music skills such as sight reading and sight singing.  Students will have chance to join choir group or get opportunity to  perform in concert. Both private and group lessons are provided to students to all level at all ages.

Piano Lessons

Forerunner’s piano instructors adapt the Faber Method and Faber’s Piano Adventures series for beginners of all ages. The Faber methods are quickly becoming the standard across many university piano programs, and Forerunner’s Academy’s instructors bring it to you in San Jose.

Drum Lessons

Forerunner's Academy offers drum lessons to all level students.  From  the basics of percussion/ rhythm, along with proper posture, technique, composition, and  groove . Our lessons also go over reading music as well as proper tempo/ timing.  Lessons will cover many styles of music including but not limited to: classical, marching band and or drum line, rock, blues, pop.  For advanced level students can also learn advanced techniques/ mediums including drum tuning, Industry knowledge, complimenting a song/ arrangement, proper drum set up, song structure, and tips on how to audition as well as landing the gig.

Forerunner's Academy drum lessons are encouraging and fun while dedicating to developing students own style along the learning journey. 

Woodwind Lessons

Saxophone, flute, and clarinet lessons teach the basics of tone production, finger technique, and practice methods for daily improvement. Students at any skill level can benefit from the perspectives and methods of the Forerunner Academy's instructors. Topics of study include audition preparation, repertory studies for classical and jazz, music theory, jazz improvisation, and more, depending on the needs and wishes of the student.

Violin Lessons

Forerunner Academy's violin instructors teach, guide and inspire violinists of all levels. Our featured small group lesson creates maximum value and boosts great learning atmosphere and passion for beginners. 

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